My Sweet & Happiest 23 years old Birthday 17.04.2011

15.4.2011 - Taking leave prepare to go KL..

Morning..630..am my dear babe call me and wake me up..because have to wake up and go jb take bus back kluang early and take care go KL check in hotel. This weekend is my special weekend is my birthday.. is 1st time trip with girlfriend without family..just both of us.. is 1st time watch concert, somore is my favourite xiao zhu!!

I am very happy ..my mum,my dad..believe on me let me drive to KL alone, I study KL 5 year they never let me drive alone there. This is the another 1st time.. Thanks...

On the way back.. 9am bus to kluang... EXCITED..reached kluang then have to take car go service have get get scold by dad, he don wan me drive myvi but i m worry late i wan drive then he say if I wan up to me, he worry about myvi on high way not stable bah.. At last I m still waiting the car service and late..but i drive quite fast =p haha...

actually reach on 5.30 but Jam till 6pm jus reach the NKVE tol

tired drive alone luckily gt xiao zhu sing in car =) and red bull with me

get the room adi..not bad.. it was quite nice and comfy..

the 1st day only gt 1 room and is 2 single bed

the hotel name my home hotel.. quite nice =)

2nd day is a queen size because queen size is cheaper thn twins single ..Check in report to my babe I m safety reach KL and see how she working today..and she taking 830 bus from singapore to KL.. midnight i have to go fetch her.

Night go dinner wif issac and jess.. after that 9pm banana leaf gathering with my IAD classmate... this is the cake from Claire, thx alot.. touch and happy =) but I din show out at mamak.. =p and ... U guys hor.. put the money inside the pack.. aiyo..just because I pay for the bill.. aiyo..

the card is cute.. ^^

thx la..

after gathering with classmate go Kota Damansara beer session with issac =)

joe wee 12 am reach KL, thn join us... arround 2 am go fetch my dear dear lo..very funny babe take a big big container come KL by bus..hahaha..look like just landing from Airport! haha...


4.16 second day.. morning , go KDU settle the deposit thing and KBU but KBU office close adi, very on time to leave..haha..tat is my college... hmm... after that we go Village park nasi lemak brunch, I miss that nasi lemak..

that is my dear ...

EMO...acting ..haha..

smiles =)

After brunch we going to one u..hang gai gai..movie..


quite funny... HAHA..


然后就要去看演唱会咯,由于我和宝贝还没一起时就买了票了,所以不能一起看了。。原本要带她和我朋友去逛逛的,但他不要。。以只要一个人去mid valley。。让我好担心哦,不能专心看哦。。因为我在乎。吧~

之后好不容易找到bukit Jalil 了,因为第一次自己在KL 驾车吧,担心。。




下次我们一定要一起看!!BIG BANG七月新加坡!!GOGO!!

罗志祥 认真的艺人,孝顺,有才艺, 不放弃,

惜福! 这就是 我欣赏 他的原因 =)

别问为什么,别说我GAY 因为你们不了解,

我不是 迷恋 只是支持 欣赏!


Is such a longtime I have no Update my blog ...

Don know still gt supporter here to read or not .. o.0
haha..whatever.. Blogging is not for supporter is for myself a place to let me realease
feel.. a place i can talk with some one that is no ppl saying me..
Today ..07 March 2011 , I already skip the New year countdown , Skip the CNY life.. wah..such alot ..don knw how to write tim..
Last year November is the time I changing job.. I straigh away jump to Jasmine Yii company .. Distinct Identity Pte Ltd. bcos the stress of UT and the unhappy of boss attitude, but I feel sorry to Another boss which is Mr. D.
You are a good boss as in communication and public relation with staff as well,
So sorry decide to leave when u r not arround singapore You are holiday in korea,
the main reason also is I wan to change a better Enviroment and company as well,
I hope my decision is right. And now i can say I have no regret
All my fren I was very happy in the company , even sometime will have some "pek cek" thg, but we r colleague so everything can be discuss and settle. I know sometime my pattern .. haha.. but i am really just ... keke..
Today I get my confirmation letter adi, and I already working in Singapore 9 month.. It's not long but not short as well, I hope I can gain more knowlegde and i will tranfer to Consultant as well.. BECAUSE as a designer I don hope i alway the one draw other ppl design , I hope my design is drawn by my own and i propose design everything myself. I know the day will be coming and it not far.
Next month is April is my bday month i wish i could go SHOW "LUO ZHI XIANG" concert in KL , treat myself better for my bday this will be my 1st time watching concert if I am really get the ticket.. =)
But too bad is .. I was going alone...
tired... gonna taking shower adi..
To be continue


The week after coming back from KL-- Today is holiday =)

Come office not for work.. for online update blog =D
no la.. i wan put 3d to render also, but today i din punch card oh..!!
CP stupid boss don say me cheat ur OT also..today i give u! NB..
从吉隆坡回来生了一场病,开始也有点怕怕了。。我的肺一直以来都不是很好了,有肺敏感,不能吃酸冷辣食品,刺激性的食品。。可是一直以来,我都不管照样去pou 吃喝抽。。家人知道后也一直要我戒,我也背着偷偷的不理他们,上星期妹妹也说了我,爸爸老了,爸爸开始也不多说了,好像对我失望了。。 T.T 对不起你们
男人-- 有时候少说点话 比较好。。


Hmmm...such a longtime din update blog adi.. >.< stuck..don knw which part to start..

Hmm.. lastime talk untill where already ya.. .. Ya.. is about my life at SINGAPORE =)

now starting stable a lil bit,starting paying back the debt I owe xD

Time past is fast... the working life start on June now is End of October already, Haloween make me miss our KL fren bcos last year have a nice party with them , and my roomate ALEX GOH..bcos also his birthday....

Hmm...actually i still got one long post i delay so longtime...because i wrote on end on the sem but hvn finish It is all abt my feel during my College life ... the feel the thinking of me..the memories from Diploma till degree and finish the degree leave u all... =(

My friend..please give me sometime ya..wait my singapore home get line thn i update it... it really too long.. alot photo to prepare to update..


Let's talk about June life till now... end June the starting of the Job at UNITED TEAM LIFESTYLE when i just go into the comapany,i met a very strict senior who name PHIL ..when starting I'm really stress with the way he talk , teach... but slowly we talk each other i feel better alot actually what he push us also wan we learn something because he gonna leave on 15 Oct 2010 to continue his study on 3D programe..MAYA..

At here want to say thanks alot to him, what he teach is really useful =)

And now without him.. really stress.. all burden fall on my shoulder, some not understanding, heavy work load.. the day without master almost everyday OT, got one day break record 2.45am... LOL... I know it's just a period i can pass thru i must find a better way to go, I must bear it learn everything from this tough starting period. ^_^

Farewell dinner @ Rivervalley EN bar

Group photo =)

gather gather ^_^

farewell =(

Group photo

you guy know why sifu so happy.. xD

because of this... big big bottle .. sakae xD

Sampat dajie and boss..MR Desmond
Wish all the best for Phil for ur further study ^^ keep contact we still wait the next date with you...

Ok la... no time adi...10am
have to work already =) update nextime..

---to be continue---


校草翻身赛 ^_^ 分享感言。。

wow ,我进了半决赛。。真的是难以想象。。因为。。我以为我没机会了。。


qiao xin,xiao si 帮忙 promote。。

我说过的。。两位38 我会回来的。。
保姆。。奶爸。。对不起。。Geraldine taro。。
我的新加坡号码。。 9122 8955 =)

拿了工钱。。停了。。换了第二份。。条件和环境都不错。。公司的设计也上过ICI dulux的杂志。。
上载一些我在这的生活照哦。。 =)
这是中间有段时间。。回来KL在云顶拍的。。因为上来在PJ Frendscino 餐厅,



去看wonder girl 现场活动。。她们真的很sweet哦。。

Marina 金沙 的模型。。是超级大和美的咯。。值得欣赏学习。。

Vivocity 自拍。。哈哈。。


United Team Lifestyle =) 在Thomson Plaza里。。




我。。还没练歌。。。 =(





忙到。。好多感触都没时间post都变没感触了。。呵呵。。之前after final 有一个post都还没post一直在draft因为好长都没机会上到照片和po出来。。现在的我。。在新加坡了。。电脑不在有点难。。 sakai 对不起哦。。我会尽快post的。。。我KL的classmate你们还好吗?对不起。。不告而别。。不过829我们还是会见面的。。 =) 大家加油。。为未来打拼。。不知不觉毕业了。。
希望你们过得好好的。。 Alex Goh~~ 有想我吗?在那边b psh b sh~~ haha XD 别emo哦~有时可以打给我。。 9122 8955 =D
claire, so sorry.. tat day after genting fetch sis go utar tranfer and settle thg thn rush back to kluang and night
rush to jb thn go in sg adi.. so no chance to meet u guy.. to say bye..
tze ling 不要太重色轻友拉。。
sakai 加油。。祝你找到幸福。。开心。。别给自己太大压力。。
ming yap 希望我们比赛能赢。。哈哈。。你也为你的未来加油吧。。
Jack jack add oil for ur future.. and ur love xD
Wilson & qiqi 长长久久。。开开心心。。哈哈。。
John变个有钱老板~ =D 高薪聘请我哦。。
James 不要每天眨眼睛。。哈哈。。 祝你快快找个伴。。
Man yee 加油。。快点飞去韩国。。找你老公。。
Hui shan 祝你越来越美。。哈哈。。变歌星 xD
seohun 祝你快点找到女人味~~!! 哈哈哈!!!
Ting fung 快点结婚。。。哈哈。。
Chris 快点找回幸福。。哈哈。。谢谢你那天。。给于意见。。支持。。
当然。。还有我的housemate cendy 好好照顾自己啊。。别那么省咯。。要睡多点。。学james sleep more xD 别搞坏自己的身体。。好想念我们吵闹的家就算静还能炸歌。。这边。。新加坡不行哦。。安静的很。。
还有jimmy我的兄弟。。我也好想你。。好久没见了。。很可惜。。不能帮你庆祝到。。不过欠着先。。我一定会找你的。。希望你也能快点过来哦。。 =)
当然少不了。。我的兄弟们。。。等着你们回来。。快点哦。。UK 和 KL的。。你们知道你们是谁心昭不必多说。。


Spotlite ♥ 校花校草 2010 ^_^

第一次参加比赛。。好紧张哦。。没想到audition会过哦。。可是 TOP 20 就死了。。
谢谢慧珊,玮廷 还有 你的朋友 =)
我太差了。。但是还蛮好玩的,拿个经验 ^_^

好羡慕哦。。哈哈。。你们是幸福的。。幸好我还有sakai和hui shan =)
谢谢你们,还有真心支持我却出席不到的朋友。。也谢谢alex给予意见。。chris一直叫我要放开。。要不是前一晚表演给他们看我想还不是那么的放得开的。。谢谢 =) 谢谢慧珊给予意见,谢谢raymond 的 fashion consultant。。


这是Taro 正在briefing 我们走台步的时候。。
我要一个打 20 个~ 叶问。。哈哈。。然后我拉起袖子了。。standby~ 哈哈 xD

台步彩排 ^_^

照片队形彩排 =)

Ivan 发行师 虽然还在学 但是 还蛮不错的,加油努力多一点自信对于自己的 设计 =)

set 完发型后 shooting =)

Hair zone 的合照 ^_^

有头奖,有二奖,有三奖。。还有安慰奖。。哈哈哈哈。。*我自己篇的~ =p*

凉水 promote ^_^

A-look 眼镜宣传
playboy宣传 ^_^
紧张咯~后台准备 ~.~

出场了 ^_^ 我是M13 andy 伟翔

promote with the A look spect ^_^

团体照*A LOOK眼镜*

beat box + 舞蹈。。 哈哈。。尽力就好~


Andy & Danniel
Rroy & Andy
合照kai leong-berryx-andy-Jeff
3 of us.. M10,M12,m13

38 一号 和 二号
wen kang & Andy
我和Ivan,谢谢你帮我们set hair ^_^

Rroy, 他真的很年轻。。 o.0

和top3以及裁判合照 ^_^

真的很高兴能认识你们。。虽然时间太短了。。而且真的好赶,也没睡好。。好累。。也因为害羞所以整天没什么说话。。我不是lan ci 哦。。哈哈。。自己的一个突破。。让自己勇敢一点show出自己。。哈哈。。我会在自我努力提升的在任何领域。。就要去做工了。。毕业了。。所以。。我想也没什么机会见面了吧。。很遗憾。。还有38三号巧心~没和你拍照!! T_T
非常感谢主办单位的照顾。。谢谢taro 和geraldine的耐心。。谢谢。。大家的合作。。谢谢化妆师发型师。。谢谢赞助商。。希望有机会还能见到你们。。去支持你们。。
当天回到很累傍晚就睡了。。结果晚上又睡不着。。因为隔天就是final presentation了。。又来紧张。。